Raffle Success!

We were pleased with the results of our recent Winter Classic Raffle, but probably not as pleased as the grand prize and first place winners! Hopefully it is not too cold for the Winter Classic at Notre Dame on New Year’s Day, and, of course, we hope for a hard-fought and competitive game…with the Blackhawks winning! Regardless of the outcome, it should be a fun time, especially for the winners as they enjoy their tickets and signed jerseys.

While we are happy about the money raised via the Raffle, we are even more excited about the continued success we have had utilizing the money to help students with Dyslexia. The students, and their families, are very grateful for all the financial support we have provided using your donations. Specifically, your donations are used to pay for qualified teachers certified in the Wilson Language Training program to instruct our students. The Wilson Language Training program is considered one of the best proven ways to raise the level of literacy achievement for students, based on pre and post-test results which you can read about here. We hope your donations keep coming by Donating online here

We are already planning our next fund-raising event for early 2019 so stay tuned. We are also exploring new ideas for getting the word out globally, possibly via video, to ensure people are aware of the negative impact of not treating Dyslexia, while also becoming aware of how treatable Dyslexia is…and what the positive impact is to people, the community, and the world.

Thanks again for all your support from the Board of Directors at The Brent Sopel Foundation.

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