WGN: Brent shares his dyslexia struggle in new documentary

It's time to be the change in the world!

"Here to Change the World" documentary looks into Sopel’s complex journey through the NHL and beyond. The story of his incredible perseverance and selflessness has carried beyond the game of hockey into something more important.

Brent Sopel clung to the game for over 16 years and selflessly sacrificed himself for the team. Sopel, the ultimate stay-at-home defenceman, even won the Stanley Cup in 2010 with the Blackhawks, all while never knowing he was dyslexic. Struggling in blind silence until he was 32, Brent’s emotional scars cut deeper than any visible ones. After hockey, his singular purpose in life was gone, and the fall was far.

Brent, back on his feet with a new purpose, is now on a crusade for dyslexia awareness so that no other kid has to struggle as he did. Please watch Brent Sopel's story — "Here to Change the World" about his complex journey through NHL and transition to helping people with dyslexia on YouTube.

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