Brent shares his story with “The Player’s Tribune”

Brent Sopel shared another heart-warming piece on The Player's Trubune platform, providing an insight into his childhood years and dreams, burdened by undiagnosed dyslexia, and the impact the following hockey success had on him a person. Here's a quote on being a parent - and setting and achieving new goals with his foundation:

"I don’t want anyone, no matter their age, to feel like they’re stupid. I don’t want somebody to feel useless because of dyslexia, dysgraphia or anything similar. My future is clear to me now. I want to dedicate myself to helping children with learning disabilities. I’m working on a children’s book based on the characters I created for my own kids, Pinky and Greenie. There’s tremendous work being done by people around the world to not only help kids, but also to help adults who suffer from learning disabilities."

Read the full version by following the link.

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